The “Photographic and Digital Artists” (PADA) group was founded in January 2006 by a handful of artists of the Palos Verdes Art Center .  It was the first group to join the other seven artists’ groups affiliated with the art center in over 15 years.  The new group is a collective of seasoned and innovative artists specializing in the continually evolving art form of photography.

The group is made up of artists who range from practitioners of unaltered “traditional photography" through “techy” photographers who digitally manipulate their images on their computers. In all cases, some type of camera must be part of the process in creating the artwork represented by the group.

PADA was the brainchild of Pauline Falstrom, a photographer noted for her classic black-and-white images, who missed the inspiration, guidance and camaraderie she experienced with a similar group.   She was elected the initial Vice President. Catherine Balcom, group President, began photography and processing her own black-and-white prints in her youth.  Treasurer Henry Pearson digitally manipulates his landscape photographs to give them the look of paintings. Jean Alexander, PADA's Secretary, enjoys documenting scenes of the local peninsula. Another founding member works in digital compositing to create photographic collages.

Founding President Catherine Balcom’s hope is that PADA’s artistic support and activities “will inspire members to continue to move into new levels with their artwork and their passion for the photographic image.”

PADA members participate in group critiques, share knowledge about new equipment and software, hear guest speakers to help them hone their craft, exhibit in galleries and at fine-art festivals, and offer public lectures and other art-related community service events.